Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hilarity. And an excellent point.

This is too awesome to not repost:

A comment from steph on a post at FSP

steph said...
Instead of obsessing about this kind of stuff, science should be thinking about how it can KEEP the women who can compete with the oh so wonderfully smart men, but leave science for OTHER reasons. Yeah, we should do something at all levels, but there are tons of women who have proven their skills at the BS or PhD level who still end up leaving science. Why not focus more on keeping them?

Oh, because "real" scientists if devote 80 hours a week to it and give up on the idea of having a family and a life outside of science. So, women are just "choosing" to not be scientists....AS SCIENTISTS ARE CURRENTLY DEFINED. If you broadened your definitions and made the scientific culture more accepting of all people who love science and are good at it and put in an effort to succeed, I bet you'd catch more flies/women/minorities/men who aren't crazy aspergers.

Sure that is just my opinion from my experience, but tell me you all haven't seen the same thing?

I can't tell you how hard I was laughing by the end of the "aspergers" paragraph. Awesome.

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