Thursday, March 4, 2010

NIGMS Strategic Plan for Training and Career Development

Ahhh...a chance to provide some feedback that may actually make a difference. Fellow scientists, let's help make things better for the next generation of trainees.

NIGMS Strategic Plan for Training and Career Development

They would like input to answer the following 7 questions:

1. What constitutes "success" in biomedical research training from the perspectives of an individual trainee, an institution, and society?

2. What can NIGMS do to encourage an optimal balance of breadth and depth in research training?

3. What can NIGMS do to encourage an appropriate balance between research productivity and successful outcomes for the mentor’s trainees?

4. What can NIGMS do through its training programs to promote and encourage greater diversity in the biomedical research workforce?

5. Recognizing that students have different career goals and interests, should NIGMS encourage greater flexibility in training, and if so, how?

6. What should NIGMS do to ensure that institutions monitor, measure, and continuously improve the quality of their training efforts?

7. Do you have other comments or recommendations regarding NIGMS-sponsored training?

My plan: Use my blog to write some thoughtful answers over the next few days, and then submit my input to their website. Anybody else want to play?

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